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A culinary experience is a fascinating part within any journey of cultural exploration. Every local specialties is the most authentic and comprehensive story about the region. The appetizing, diversity, and ampleness of Vietnamese specialities altogether have illustrated such nation with resilient, diligent, and sentimental people blessed by Mother Nature throughout millenia of history.

With pride and love for Vietnamese specialties, Huong Bao aspires to share with everyone the gourmet experience and its pleasure.

Come and join us to discover the three regions of Vietnam through quintessential natural flavors, such as agarwood, bird's nest, cordyceps; and lucious rustic snack cake like salted dry apricot, coconut candy, mung bean cake; along with local specialities, such as tea, coffee, fish sauce, chocolate and dried tropical fruits, whose quality is gradually improved by local resources.

The offered specialties journey opens up plenty of exciting opportunities awaiting for you with exquisite flavors of our beloved Vietnam.